Council News

7th Dec 2018: Unauthorised encampments: Police Have sent out letter (here) and Leaflet (here) on encampments in county

11th Nov 2018: Changes to Bus Services : Stagecoach announces changes to Bus Services from Sunday 6th January  which Makes X10 Service Hourly rather than half Hourly. For details see here

25th Oct 2018: Additional Christmas Recycling : There will be an additional Recycling Bin Pickup w\c 7th Jan in addition to your normal bin pickup. Christmas trees can be put out with Recycling. See  here  for details

25th Oct 2018: Daventry Council announces new Dog Control Powers. The new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), which will come into force on 1 December makes changes to  Dog Owners responsibilities. The Media Release is Here

13th Sept 2018: Council Solicits Views from Cherry Hill Residents on parking.   Following representations from residents the council has initiated a consultation. The consultation leaflet can be found here

12th Sept 2018:  At the Council Meeting of 11th Sept Sanjay Gohil was Co-Opted onto the Parish Council. 

03 July 2018 Public Spaces Protection Order Consultation – Enhanced Dog Control Powers. Daventry District Council is considering amending a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), giving its enforcement officers broader powers to deal with dog owners who fail to properly control their pets in public open spaces across the district.  As well as testing those laws already in place, the Council is keen to take advantage of this opportunity to expand the requirements of the existing Public Spaces Protection Order and consult on more innovative ideas which would extend the remit to encompass other pressing local issues that fall within the description of antisocial behaviour.  Comments of the Parish Council on the proposals are requested during a statutory consultation period from Tuesday 29th May 2018 to Tuesday 24th July 2018. The consultation Leaflet can be viewed here

03 July 2018 Local Government Reform : Northamptonshire  The consultation period is underway you can access information here

01 June 2018: Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability Return.  The notice can be viewed here.

22 May 2018: Waste and Recycling Collection Service.  Daventry District Council have published further details of the new waste and recycling collection service that will start in June 2018.  Details of the new waste collection service can be found here  and details of the garden waste collection service can be found here.

02 May 2018: Notice of Council Vacancy.  Following the resignations of Richard and Pauline Baldwin  two vacancies exist on the Council.  Formal notice of the vacancies can be found here.

12 March 2018: 123+ Waste and Recycling Collection Service. Daventry District Council have published details of the new 123+ waste and recycling collection service that will start in June 2018, delivered by Daventry Norse, a new joint venture between Daventry District Council (DDC) and Norse Commercial Services Ltd.  Details of the new service can be found here.