Members and the Parish Clerk

The Members of Old Parish Council 

Chairman  Colin Smart

Vice-Chairman Rosemary Bury

Councillor Catherine Beckett

Councillor Sarah Haughney

Councillor Julie Robson

Councillor Nick Moore

Councillor  Sanjay Gohil  (Highways Representative)

Parish Councillors’ Register of Intertests

Under the Localism Act 2011, the Parish Council is required to publish on this website the Parish Councillors’ register of interests. Daventry District Council is required to maintain the register of the interests of Old Parish Councillors and all other Parish and Town Councillors within the district. The register is available to view on the DDC website

The register for the members of Old Parish Council can be viewed Here

The Clerk to Old Parish Council 

Parish Clerk (currently there is vacancy for Parish Clerk)

To contact any member of the Parish Council or the Clerk please email: