Meetings and the Agenda


The Parish Council meet on the second Wednesday of every month, with the exception of the month of August. The meetings are held in the Community Centre, Townson Close, starting at 7:30pm.


The Meeting dates for 2019 are:  16th January, ( meeting of 8th was voided)  13th February, 13th March,  10th April, 8th May (AGM), 12th June, 10th July, 11th September, 9th October, 13th November, 11th December       

 The Annual Parish Meeting is normally held on the last Tuesday of April and this year will be held Tuesday 30th April 2019 at 7.00pm in the Community Centre, Townson Close.  The agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting can be viewed Here .

Agenda Monthly Meetings

The agenda for Monthly meeting is published 3 days in advance. The agenda is posted on this website and the Latest  agenda (for 11th Sept) can be viewed  hereThe agenda is also posted on both of the parish council notice boards.  The notice boards are located in the centre of the village near the bus shelter on the Harrington Road and at the entrance to Cherry Hill on the Walgrave Road.