Old is a caring community and in June 2019 some villagers set up a group to build on that and ROAR was formed (Reduce Reuse Recycle – Old and ARound).  Their objective is to help the wider environment by minimising waste in the village and surrounding area.  The first step was to publicise what can already be recycled, through the council service and through other means.  Villagers were often already sharing, reusing or recycling rather than simply throwing away items and a list of other opportunities for doing this was prepared.  This list has grown as awareness has grown and is attached.

Assisting charity where possible is a bi-product of minimising waste and ROAR now collect various items for recycling with Terracycle UK and other organisations.  Collecting bins can be found around the village, the main ones being by the side of the village hall, as well as in Cherry Hill.

ROAR aim to help villagers “Think before they buy or bin”, eventually to not only recycle whenever possible and share for reuse, but also to be more aware of the environmental impact of what they purchase.  Apart from the attached recycling opportunities list, ROAR has a Facebook group “ROAR!” and a Twitter account @RRROldandARound for more information.

Recycling directory (for other than blue topped council recycling bins) V6  5/11/19

(ROAR Charities: Kettering Homestart/Cransley Hospice/Walgrave primary school)

Item Charity? Collection Comment
Crisp, popcorn, nuts, pretzel wrappers

All biscuit, crackers and cake wrappers

Bread bags

Pringles tubes

Ring carriers for cans (flexible plastic)

ROAR charities


Public  ROAR bins:  By gates to Old Village Hall, and 34 or 7 Cherry Hill Terracycle public scheme


Dental products, toothpaste tubes, brushes, electric toothbrush heads etc ROAR charities Public  ROAR bins– also: Mawsley Dispensary Terracycle public scheme
Cleaning products (mainly flexible packaging as other plastics and cardboard can go in the council recycling), eg. Can accept dishwasher salt and tablet, stain remover powder flexible packaging, dishwasher cleaner and freshener outer packaging ROAR Charities Public  ROAR bins (and porch drawers 34 Cherry Hill) Terracycle public scheme
Skin and beauty items, pots, wipe packets, roll on deodorants ROAR Charities Public ROAR bins Teracycle Public scheme
All brands: confectionary wraps, chocolate sweets etc NB: including CLEAN ice cream/lolly wrappers Yes! Public ROAR bins Via Long Buckby Scouts (who save items for us)
Writing materials, e.g. plastic biros, highlighters, felt tips, markers, correction instruments (tape and fluid pots) – NOT glue sticks, pencils rubbers Yes! Public ROAR bins or

34 Cherry Hill (porch drawers)

Via Pitsford senior school (who will save crisp packets for us)
Petfood pouches (clean) – and in a carrier bag preferably Willen Hospice and MK Cat Rescue Public ROAR bins or 6 Cherry Hill Via CharityrecycleMK
Tassimo discs and foil outers/Nespresso L’or capsules ditto ditto Also: Daventry district council
Contact lenses and packaging Boots stores A Terracycle scheme
Non-Terracycle schemes
Furniture and some household Various Advertise on the local FB pages or contact Gill Hewer Furniture can also be collected by SCOPE (Northampton) 0800 011 3005

and The Salvation Army (Kettering) 01536 428767

Inhalers No but professionally recycled All pharmacies (inhalers – porch  drawer 34 Cherry Hill) Mawsley pharmacy has confirmed they take inhalers and medical waste (excluding insulin pens)
Spectacles Vision Aid overseas or similar 34 Cherry Hill (porch) to go to Specsavers Many high street opticians, including Spec savers in Kettering
Mobile phones Marie Curie nurses 34 CH porch drawers For Marie Curie Kettering

Also e.g. Currys Pc world

Postage stamps


For Macmillan cancer support


34 Cherry Hill (porch)
Clothes and textiles

NB: Children’s clothes are especially useful to Homestart.


Various Charity shops eg. Salvation Army donation centre Kettering.  Also their bins at Mawsley and Tesco NB:  ALL clothes and shoes can be put in bins-  re-saleable, and for recycling (shredding and reusing) – preferably in separate bags
Bras Smalls For All (For African women) Lynn 7 Cherry Hill Also

M & S

Coat hangers Salvation Army etc Elaine 59 Cherry Hill
Books:  Rehome (best) or Recycle Various Charity shops or “swap” at the Old community centre or village pub. OR recycle:

Hard backed: Brixworth  HWRC.

Paperback books and magazines – council recycling bin.

DVDs (if not to charity shops) Various The Old Community centre
Plant pots (all sizes) For reuse 7 Cherry Hill
Old inflatables (including e.g. novelty guitars) paddling pools, bouncy castles, deckchair fabric, etc No but reused not wasted Can be left with 34 Cherry Hill for delivery To make bags etc  – Wills and Jacks, Isle of Wight
Teddies and similar soft toys (in reasonable condition) The Teddy Trust Ditto For children impacted by war or abuse
All unwanted Tools and equipment even antique or vintage, including Typewriters/Sewing machines/Knitting/Haberdashery/Garden , metal and carpentry tools Work Aid


Ditto For refurbishment, and reuse in Africa
Printer cartridges – any brand Walgrave school benefit 34 Cherry Hill (porch drawers) or ROAR bins Also Tesco Kettering **

and Brixworth HWRC

Water filters No- recycled though Tesco Kettering** ** Green container inside Tesco to the left of the entrance
Low energy lightbulbs No- recycled though Tesco Kettering**
Batteries No- recycled though Tesco **/One Stop Mawsley/ other supermarkets Also at Brixworth HWRC
Plastic carrier bags and some other soft plastic packaging/”film” (see label) – with carrier bag recycling .  Rule of thumb – if it can be stretched it can be recycled!  Also – Look out for the “can be recycled with carrier bags in larger stores” logo on products Not yet-they are recycled though Tesco and  other supermarkets with bag recycling –  Kettering Tesco – Big container to left of entrance. Morrisons – small collection point Information sheet available – Tesco confirmed they take Polyethylene (but NOT cling film)
CDs (if not to charity shops) and VHS tapes and other hard plastics without a battery or plug – broken toys, plastic furniture, old plastic crates etc Brixworth  HW recycling centre
Broken items with batteries or plugs Small electrical section -Brixworth  HWRC  
Large metal items Brixworth HWRC  
Bicycles or parts – any state of repair. Repaired, or parts often used Brixworth HWRC