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Clerk: Sarah Gresly
c/o Orchard Cottage, Chapel
Lane, Old, Northamptonshire

Tel: 01604 781081

Welcome to the village of Old

Old is situated in the rural heart of Northamptonshire with a population of over 400 people living in almost 200 homes of various styles, sizes and ages including a number of listed buildings made of local stone. The historic village grew around the year 2000 as a result of the construction of new homes at Cherry Hill.

The name Old is derived from the Saxon 'Walda' (meaning woodland or high heathland) and can be traced back to the Domesday book, becoming Wolde in the fourteenth century and then Old by the 1930s.

Today the village comprises an active community spanning all ages that enjoy getting together as a community for various village events throughout the year including a fete, village dances, plays and productions, pub quizzes and a wide variety of sporting and social groups.

At the heart of the village is the historic church of St Andrews which holds weekly services for its congregation. Together with the White Horse pub and restaurant, St Andrews can be seen from the central Jubilee Tree.

The village also boasts a large playing field which is home to the Old Cricket Club and our village hall which opened in December 2010.

The village's most endearing physical feature is arguably its restful pace and its beautiful surrounding countryside with widespread cultivation of cereal crops and rape as well as traditional pasture fields supporting grazing cattle, sheep and horses. These features can be enjoyed using various paths and bridleways.

Latest News

Covid Spring Booster

Please find below a statement from Northamptonshire County Association of Local Councils (NCALC):

The latest figures show that the drop in COVID-19 case rates has been slowest in the over 70s. Sadly we are still seeing deaths from COVID-19 in Northamptonshire and nationally. As our older population were some of the first to get their vaccinations, along with those who are immunocompromised, it's vitally important to make sure their protection from COVID-19 is topped up, as vaccine effectiveness appears to wane with time. More »

The Spring Booster campaign began in March. Anyone over 75 who got their previous booster around six months ago is invited to get an additional booster dose of vaccine. Residents of older adult care homes are also eligible to receive the Spring booster jab, as well as people aged 12 and over who are immunosuppressed. This additional booster is currently being offered to those at extremely high risk to help minimise the chance of becoming severely ill with COVID-19 and having to be admitted to hospital.

Will you check if loved ones who are older or immunocompromised have had their Spring Booster? Or have been invited but not yet booked an appointment, or taken up the offer? This can be accessed online at or by calling 119. » Less

Posted: Sat, 14 May 2022 13:25 by

More than 5,000 Care Workers Benefit from Bonus Scheme

Please find below some information received from West Northamptonshire Council:

More than 5,000 care workers from across West Northamptonshire have benefited from a £600 thank you bonus scheme this spring

West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) has distributed the funding to a total of 207 care homes and community care providers which applied to receive the payments to pass on to their eligible staff members. More »

The bonus was offered in recognition of the dedication and hard work shown by all care workers during the ongoing pandemic and the recent winter months. So far providers have been awarded retention payments for 4,798 care workers and recruitment payments for 376 care workers across West Northamptonshire.

The offer was made to all care providers in West Northamptonshire delivering Care Quality Commission (CQC) Regulated Care Services, with 90 per cent of them coming forward. The remaining 10 per cent of providers who did not apply were contacted by WNC but did not respond. They have until Friday 29th April to come forward if they would still like to take advantage of the scheme.

The majority of care providers received their payments from the Council in early April and all providers which received the payment are responsible for passing on the taxable sum to their employees.

Cllr Matt Golby, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care & Public Health said:

"We are delighted that 90 percent of providers came forward for the £600 bonus payment in West Northamptonshire and we hope the money will go some way in showing our appreciation of the vital work carers do.

"It was hoped that the extra payment would also act as an incentive for care workers to keep going and remain in their jobs in CQC regulated settings over the winter, and for new starters to join the caring profession.

"The care sector does such a remarkable job in looking after our most vulnerable and the past two years, with rising demand and the challenges of the pandemic, has shown that they are absolutely invaluable to our communities." » Less

Posted: Tue, 26 Apr 2022 20:53 by

New Mawsley Drop-in for Carers

Please find a message from the Caring Together project:

Unpaid Carers have been adversely affected during the pandemic and Mawsley and its surrounding area has been identified as an area of need for a group such as this. Unpaid Carers, the person they care for and other significant family members caring are equally welcome.

Posted: Mon, 11 Apr 2022 12:57 by