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Welcome to the village of Old

About our village

Old is situated in the rural heart of Northamptonshire with a population of over 400 people living in almost 200 homes of various styles, sizes and ages including a number of listed buildings made of local stone. The historic village grew around the year 2000 as a result of the construction of new homes at Cherry Hill.

The name Old is derived from the Saxon 'Walda' (meaning woodland or high heathland) and can be traced back to the Domesday book, becoming Wolde in the fourteenth century and then Old by the 1930s.

Today the village comprises an active community spanning all ages that enjoy getting together as a community for various village events throughout the year including a fete, village dances, plays and productions, pub quizzes and a wide variety of sporting and social groups.

At the heart of the village is the historic church of St Andrews which holds weekly services for its congregation. Together with the White Horse pub and restaurant, St Andrews can be seen from the central Jubilee Tree.

The village also boasts a large playing field which is home to the Old Cricket Club and our village hall which opened in December 2010.

The village's most endearing physical feature is arguably its restful pace and its beautiful surrounding countryside with widespread cultivation of cereal crops and rape as well as traditional pasture fields supporting grazing cattle, sheep and horses. These features can be enjoyed using various paths and bridleways.

Latest News

Work starts to transform Northampton’s historic Market Square

Work starts to transform Northampton’s historic Market Square

Please find below a message from West Northamptonshire Council:

Leading construction firm Stepnell Ltd has started work today (Monday 6 February) on the transformation of Northampton's Market Square.

Located at the heart of the town, Northampton's Market Square is set to be transformed to better reflect the wonderful, historic public space that it is. As well as the use of high-quality paving and materials, the improved facilities will include a flexible event space, bespoke fixed stalls, more trees, tiered seating and an interactive water feature. More »

Cllr Jonathan Nunn, Leader of West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) and Cllr Dan Lister, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Town Centre Regeneration and Growth at WNC were joined by representatives from the main contractor leading on the multi-million pound redevelopment, Stepnell Ltd.

Commemorating the occasion with a ground-breaking ceremony, key stakeholders came together to mark the start of the project, which will take shape over the next 18 months.

Cllr Lister, said: "For years many have expressed the wish for the market square to be improved and rejuvenated, so today marks a key moment in the redevelopment of Northampton Town Centre as work begin to transform Northampton's historic Market Square.

"The new-look square is set to provide a focal point for businesses and visitors. We look forward to working closely with Stepnell to see the vision that people have told us they want to see for this space come to life over the next 18 months.

"In the meantime, I would urge everyone to support our traders at the market's new temporary location at Commercial St Car Park, before we welcome them back to a revitalised Market Square next year."

Adrian Barnes, Regional Director at Stepnell Ltd said "We are excited to be commencing the redevelopment of the Market Square in Northampton Town Centre. This is an important project in the transformation and regeneration of the Town Centre and we are proud to be part of the Council's vision for the Town".

The market will trade from Commercial Street for around 18 months while the multi million-pound redevelopment of Market Square works take place.

Traders will not pay any rent or utility fees while they are based at their temporary new home, and shoppers spending £5 or more at a single market stall will get an hour's free parking at the Commercial St Car Park throughout February.

To keep up to date with the redevelopment of Northampton Town Centre and across West Northamptonshire, visit

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West Northamptonshire apprentices – earn while you learn scheme boosts career progression

West Northamptonshire apprentices – earn while you learn scheme boosts career progression

Please find below a message from West Northamptonshire:

An apprenticeship scheme at West Northamptonshire Council is going from strength to strength with 80 active learners now employed by the authority.

This week the UK is celebrating National Apprenticeship Week, offering a chance for businesses and apprentices across the country to shine a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses, and the wider economy. More »

The theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2023 is 'skills for life'; reflecting on how apprenticeships can help individuals to develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career, and businesses to develop a talented workforce that is equipped with future-ready skills.

Cllr Fiona Baker, WNC's Cabinet Member for children, families, and education, said: "Apprenticeships provide a fantastic opportunity for those who are looking to learn new skills, gain career experience and earn money whilst doing so. There are such a variety of apprenticeships available from social workers, business administration, communications to departmental managers, tax professionals and senior leaders – there is something for everyone."

With no upper age limit to becoming an apprentice, an increasing number of people aged over 16 are favouring apprenticeships as a way of studying towards a formal qualification while working.

The council offers a range of apprenticeship support for individuals, managers, and businesses. To learn more or speak to one of the council's specialist advisors please complete our Apprenticeship Enquiry Form

Case Study:

Ivone Fombe-Willias - Senior Leader Masters' Degree, Level: 7

I completed the Senior Leader Masters' Degree, Level: 7 (Standard). This was the first of three elements I need to complete for my executive MBA.

My manager helped me identify the training that I needed for my development, and she worked with the apprenticeship team to find the program.

This is an opportunity that I would not have been able to obtain anywhere else, so I am deeply grateful for it.

The challenge I faced while being an apprentice was balancing work, family commitments, and studying. Although there were many challenges, they were well worth the effort.

As I sit here now, I do not see them as challenges, but rather as obstacles and barriers. In order to complete my studies, I had to go to great lengths. Having completed them now, gives me great pleasure to say that I have achieved my goal.

I received support from the university during the course of my studies including from my lecturer, who understood the challenges that mature students face when returning to university with other commitments.

As the program was primarily work-related, we had the opportunity to discuss real work problems and issues that needed to be addressed. We examined real issues that required strategic responses.

A word of advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship: It's not as difficult as you may think. Every single minute of sweat you put into it is worth it at the end of the day. I don't see this apprenticeship as merely benefiting me as an individual. Hopefully, it will benefit my team as well as the organization and the public for whom we have a responsibility.

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Children’s Mental Health Week sees art competition launched in schools across West Northamptonshire

Children’s Mental Health Week sees art competition launched in schools across West Northamptonshire

Please find below a message from West Northamptonshire Council:

Today, Monday 6 February marks the start of a weeklong national campaign for Children's Mental Health Week (6 to 12 February) with a special theme of 'Let's Connect', putting a focus on the power of meaningful connections on our mental health.

Healthy connections with our friends, families and those around us positively impact our mental health and wellbeing and can make a huge difference to how we feel. When these healthy connections aren't there, it can have a negative impact on our mental health such as; feeling isolated, low in mood and lonely. More »

To raise awareness of the campaign and get children and young people talking, Northamptonshire's Healthy Schools Service together with schools in West Northamptonshire are launching an art competition for pupils to create a design which shows 'good mental health'. The winning design concepts from the competition, will be used to inspire a local willow-weaving artist in the final design of a sculpture that will be displayed in a West Northants country park.

Cllr Matt Golby, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health at West Northamptonshire Council said: "Feeling well connected to your friends, family and those around you is so important in how we feel in our every day lives and it is great to see this being recognised as part of this awareness week to get children and young people talking.

"As well as connecting with each other, there is also a need to connect with services should a child or young person need to do so and there is lots of support out there to access whether it be directly or via a health professional."

Cllr Baker, Cabinet Member for Children, Families and Education at West Northamptonshire Council said: "It is really encouraging to see schools taking part in this awareness week and helping to put a spotlight on the importance of healthy connections. Creating environments that are safe, comfortable and encourage conversations about mental health make a huge difference in helping children and young people enjoy good mental wellbeing."

For information on mental health and wellbeing services available for children and young people, please visit: Urgent mental health help and support | West Northamptonshire Council (

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