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Clerk: Sarah Gresly
12 Charles Close, Old
Northamptonshire NN6 9RQ

Alex Hocking

Alex Hocking


Old Parish Council

Hi I'm Alex Hocking,
My wife and I have been accepted onto the Parish Council for this year so I have written a little bit about myself as an introduction.
We moved to Old in the spring of '16 as we were drawn to the beautiful and vibrant village.
Having grown up in a village not dissimilar to this in Kent, Old immediately felt like home and we were welcomed by many friendly faces.
We have moved once already within the village but are now very settled in our current house on Walgrave Road.
We have taken on an allotment and if we have enough energy left we often bash tennis balls around in the community tennis courts.
Having taken the speedwatch training before lock down I hope to be contributing to the safety of the roads, through the village, next time we run a campaign.
I work as a consultant with businesses to improve the way they deliver their services to their customers through IT.
So I have many skills I hope can be brought to the Parish and be of benefit to all (but no I can't fix your computer).
I hope to be of value to the village through the Parish Council and if anyone wants to ask me any questions or chat about any village issues, please feel free.
Best wishes to all
Alex Hocking