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Clerk: Sarah Gresly
12 Charles Close, Old
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Old Parish Charities

The Trustees
Old Parish Charities
5 Townson Close

Telephone: 01604 781252

The History of the Charities

The Charity was founded by the Reverend John Tounson in May 1668, called the "John Tounson Charity" was defined as "being for the benefit of the poor residents in Old, and for the advancement of the education of the children of the poor residents of Old". Nobody knows when the name was changed to Townson, but we are now called Old Parish Charities, being a combination of Baxter, Old Poor's Gorse, Parr Charity, Townson, Ward and Widows Close.

The principle remains the same to this day, and the Charities welcome applications from anyone who might benefit from a little financial assistance. In times past, the Charities' altruism was centred firmly on 'the poor and their children', whereas now, the Trustees are keen to encourage applications from any resident with a genuine need for assistance.

Charity Property

The Charities have benefitted from land donated to them through the years and own the Playing field and village hall land, the Tennis courts, Widows Mite Allotments and Old Poor's Gorse Woods. These are run for the benefit of all residents of the village and are a great asset to the Community.

In the 1970's, some land that they owned in Northampton was sold for £238,000 to The Northamptonshire Development Corporation which enabled them to build the Village Community Centre and the Bungalows in Townson Close. A small garden area was created, so as the then Reverend Owen suggested people could sit and reflect on the person who had left the village so much and honoured him by naming Townson Close after him.

The Bungalows are run as almshouses and anyone in need who is a resident of or has a close association with the village can make application to be allocated one. This is dealt with by the Trustees on a points basis according to the applicants' individual merits, as and when a vacancy arises.


The Community Centre is kept busy with monthly meals, coffee morning and groups, all of which are listed on the What's On pages. The Centre is free to anyone resident in the village for both group or private bookings and has all the usual facilities for catering, meetings, and comfy sofas to create a relaxing homely atmosphere.


Two types of grants are offered "Educational", and "Relief in Need". Educational does not just apply to children and could be for courses to help you progress at work or get work, it could also be for uniform, musical instruments, or additional tuition. We all have hard times, the "Relief in Need" is open to anyone. Application forms are available from the office. All applications are put to the board for consideration. We also help fund things that are of benefit to all the village and help other Charities within the village, so it is always worth asking.


Should you wish to use the Centre or apply for funding for any reason this can be done directly with the Clerk Dawn Jerman on 01604 781252 or email the office at Should you wish to apply via presentation to the Charity Trustees, this can be done at 7.30 pm at the beginning of their monthly meeting at the CommunityCentre. Dates are published on the noticeboards in the village but also on the "What's on pages" on this website.
The Charity is run for the benefit of all residents so please do not hesitate to contact us with any ideas that you feel we could be of assistance in and that everyone can benefit from.