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Clerk: Sarah Gresly
c/o Orchard Cottage, Chapel
Lane, Old, Northamptonshire

Tel: 01604 781081

Old Parish Charities

The Trustees
Old Parish Charities
5 Townson Close

Telephone: 01604 781252

Founded by the Rev’d John Townson, in May 1668, the then ‘John Townson Charity’ was defined as “being for the benefit of the poor, resident in Old and for the advancement of the education of the children of the poor residents of Old”.

The principle remains the same to this day, and the Charities’ welcome applications from anyone who might benefit from a little financial assistance. In time past, the Charities’ altruism was centred firmly on ‘the poor and their children’ whereas now, the Trustees are keen to encourage applications from any resident with a genuine need for assistance.

This area is undergoing further development